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Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, we are doing well. No worse at least. It is cold here but that is what Timber likes (although nobody likes the -40 wind chill). When the wind dies down I can't get her inside. She finds a sunny spot and lies down with eyes closed in a snow pile. So glad one of us enjoys the weather. I feel bad for her in the summer and think that it will be harder on her breathing once it gets hot and humid.

I haven't changed much in my regime. I still don't feel comfortable giving everything at once so try different supplements on and off. Finish a bottle of this, start something else. I don't know if that is the way to do it but I'm not sure if I feel right giving all the immune boosters all at once (mushroom complex, astragalus, echinacea, etc). The things I do give every day are curcumin, IP6 and flax/cottage cheese mixture. I kinda make the rest up as each day comes
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