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2012 Losses - Chloe & Mojo

This is Chloe, 3 year old DSH(small cat) & Mojo, 14 year old DSH. I lost them both last year.

Chloe's story is fairly short. We'd only had her for 2 years when over the Easter 2012 long weekend she started having trouble. First her back right leg wouldn't support her so we took her to the emergency vet to get looked at. We thought she had hurt herself jumping down from my daughter's loft bed. After an inconclusive visit to the emergency vet she gradually lost all control of her body. I stayed with her as much as I could and honestly expected that she may die before we could get in to our regular vet. That Tuesday she stayed at the vet all day, blood work all came back normal but our once active "squirrel" cat could no longer even blink for herself. We decided to have her euthanized rather than leave her in that state. I still miss her even though we didn't have her long, she was an amazing cat.

Mojo's story is longer. At 14 Mojo was the first pet that my husband and I got together and we had him his whole life. Mojo was a grumpy cat but we loved him anyway. Mojo was also a big cat and weighed about 12 to 15 lbs without being overweight but over the last 2 years of his life he started to drop weight. After losing Chloe I tried my best to get him to put on weight and succeded for a little while but then in August he started throwing up sometimes multiple time a day. Again his blood work came back normal which meant it was probably cancer but I kept trying to entice him to eat. After 5 months it was clear that Mojo was slowly starving to death - when he did eat he would throw up so he stopped eating. In the end he was not much better than a walking skeleton of a cat but he still seemed to want to be with us so I kept trying until New year's Eve day when we had him euthanized.

I still cry for both my cats. I miss them soo much and sometimes think that I should have tried harder to keep them with me. Did I give up too soon? Everyone in my life says I did everything I could but I still have that tiny doubt; Should I have waited to see if Chloe would pull out of her paralysis? Should I have force fed Mojo? Should we have spent even more money for more testing? An MRI for Chloe? An x-ray or ultrasound for Mojo to see if there was cancer? Was the $2000 we spent last year at the vet really the best we could have done? Would more money have helped or only told us what we thought we knew, that it was time to let go?
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