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I'm so sorry to hear about the cat, was it a cat? in the drawer suffocating. What a terrible memory for a child, who didn't know.

OK now, it's time for stories of critters getting back at the laundry room. This one is courtesy of the mother of the kitten who fell in my laundry tub. I think this happened first. They were both from the OSPCA and new to our house.

SO, I arrived home from work and for some strange reason went down to the laundry. Not the room I usually visit when I first get home but for some (play Twilight Zone music in your head here) reason my choice on this day.

I found the laundry tub about 2/3 full of water. And the tap dripping and the water slowly rising. The laundry is below grade and when the water in the tub reaches about 3/4 of the way up a float engages, the pump turns on, and the water pumps out. BUT, the plug was in the tub, so the water could not drain.

If I had not come home when I did the water would have overflowed and done who knows how much damage. In the meantime the pump would have come on and stayed on and possibly burned out. We truly don't know if it might have caught fire from constant running and the house would have burned down. Or if the house would have flooded. Or maybe the flood would have been enough to put a fire out.

Other evidence leads me to re-construct the scene of the crime like so. Ginger was trying to get outside and leaped up to the window sill of the window directly above the laundry tub. In so doing she knocked off a potted plant, the remains of which were found in the laundry tub. On it's fall the pot hit the tap and turned it on. By the most strange of co-incidences Ginger also knocked the plugs for the tubs into the tub and ONE LANDED RIGHT IN THE TUB AND PLUGGED IT.

Can't you just see this scene in a Walt Disney movie? One of the many he made where some animal wreaks havoc inside a house or room? So, so lucky I went down there when I did.
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