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60 Lb flat coated retreiver mix with IBD doing great on Convenia

Hi all, I just wanted to say something positive about the Convenia injection that my 60 LB dog received on Saturday.
Dodger was diagnosed with IBD ( inflammatory bowel disease) 1 year ago, we have finally managed to control his episodes with diet and a daily low dose of Prednisone. With IBD in some dogs comes a skin infection called Pyoderma (took me forever to find out what these sores were) because their immune system is compromised, Oral antibiotics are out of the question for him as it will cause a flair up of the IBD going through his intestinal tract. Last Saturday I took Dodger to the Vet because he has skin sores on the trunk of his body that the topical ointment weren't helping, so I asked my vet about this Convenia injection...WHAT A GOD SEND THIS STUFF IS to my dog..I watched him carefully for the first 48 hours, and to my amazement, his stools are nice and solid still and the sores are healing and no longer red and irritating him..Yes the injection was pricy ( for a dog his size it was about $200) but well worth every penny, the antibiotic injection stays in their system for 2 weeks. It hasn't upset his system whats so ever, which makes both my husband and I are very happy and the dog is even happier
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