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Originally Posted by ellybellyx33 View Post
My newest addition to the family is my cat name mango. First things first my mom found him in our garage and he came right up to her rubbing his scent all on her. When he came close we noticed that he trilled. Prior to that in our house we would hear sounds of what seemed to be a cat trilling. Then we find mango in the garage. When we brought him home he was afraid of nothing although he was the baby of the house because we have 2 other cats one female and one other male. Mango is a very unique cat he is at the dinner table when ever he smells his favorite food and is there when he hears the sound of the turkey packet being opened. Mango has recently been fascinated With the microwave and the toaster oven. which are right on top of one another. We have a kitchen stool and he hops up there and stares at them both. Some times he will spit at and hiss at the microwave and run. On many occasions I have picked him up to show him there is nothing in the microwave but I could never successfully do that because he would fight me. Now mind you on a regular he would let anyone pick him up even a complete stranger and let them hold him. Now I know im not crazy this is not usual behavior I really feel that mango can sense another person or spirit in the house. what do you think?
I do beleive that animals can see and sense many things that we cannot. My bestia always looks to the door out of my bedroom and barks or growls, no matter how hard I try to distract hin or move him away he gets very strong and stays foot, he is less agressive now as I explained to him that is just my daddy and my brother checking up on me.
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