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Is he drooling/vomiting/hacking up hairballs?
No vomiting, drooling, or hairballs.

Any tenderness around his mouth/teeth? Is his personality such that he would let her look in his mouth without biting?
He would probably let her look. He's not acting like there's tenderness unless not eating is a sign of tenderness (which it obviously might be).

Any tenderness in/around his stomach or when picked up?
None at all. I massaged it a little and, though he's never been one for belly rubs, he didn't draw away, growl, or show any discomfort. I didn't feel anything either but I only would if it were something particularly new and different.

She is very much hoping that he's just got a bad tooth or something but when she called to schedule the vet, he said it was unlikely to be the problem.
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