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Kitty not eating and losing weight

So last week, my friend, who lives with me, noticed that her cat wasn't eating very well and he seems to have lost a bit of weight. We have an appointment for him first thing Tuesday but, a couple of years back, one of my cats died very suddenly from a fast growing tumor in his belly which ruptured (he had been to the vet less than six months before but he went from me noticing he wasn't eating to being dead in a week - he hadn't even lost any weight at that point).

In any case, my friend is a basket case expecting her kitty to drop dead before Tuesday. He's eating a bit (a few bites a few times a day) and he's definitely lost a small amount of weight. He's never been a very big cat though. In general, he shows up for feedings, eats a few bites, then loses interest. He seems to feel fine based on his mood and affect - he's not acting lethargic and not showing any other sign of discomfort.

I'm just wondering if you all might have some words of comfort for my friend. She's terrified and teary-eyed most of the time. Any thoughts? If it weren't a holiday tomorrow, we'd take him in tomorrow but maybe it's an emergency?
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