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Constipated Kitty :(

Hi all,
My younger cat, 6yr old Domino, has been feeling rather uncomfortable these last couple days. It's Saturday, Thursday am she was totally normal. Get home from work, and she's acting a little depressed, not meeting me at the door along with my other cat. I pet her normally, but when I got to where her back meets her tail, she hissed. She normally rolls over all the time, not so much now. And picking her up? Not happening either. She's walking, but slower than usual, not eating her dry food. She had a BM Thursday night, normal consistency but smaller than normal. Friday, same behaviour, she's still peeing however. Am able to get her to eat wet food. Am also giving her hairball malt. Friday pm, has BM, but it's drier than normal. Saturday, no change, have given her some Harts Hairball Remedy Plus, with a mild cat laxative. She still does not want me touching her belly, but when I do, it doesn't feel as though it's too swollen, as she is a slightly chubby cat. Still no BM tonight (Saturday), though not sure how long it would take for this second product to kick in. If nothing by tomorrow, to the vet...any thoughts out there as to what else I could be doing? She has longer hair, so I suspect that some hair is working though, as of tonight, I can pet her a bit more, and she ate more wet food than yesterday. She did pee this am as well, and a little later today too.
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