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I was taking taking my last dog to the park and as I was driving down my street I saw a chihuahua that looked very frighten and confused , the poor dog was running back and forth between 2 houses. I stopped my car and when to one off the houses and asked if the dog was their. The woman said "No but the dog was scratching at her back door " The woman just told the dog to go away! GRRR. I was really worried about the small dog as we had hawks flying around all the time. The woman that lives in the second house finally come home and I ask her if she has a chihuahua and she said "Yes, and he is upstairs in the house" I told her No the dog is outside . The woman had left her door open for a minute and the chihuahua being so small ran right past her and got out. The woman thought her dog was upstairs the whole time and did not think anything of it when her dog did not come downstairs to eat. So she when out shopping not knowing her poor dog was outside. People really need to be careful when they have a real small pet as they can sneak out of the without you knowing it.
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