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Angry I should stay off Kijiji - it just makes me mad.

I often hit Kijiji - specifically the give away section in pets, just because. I just read an ad on there that burns me up.

Someone is giving away their 14 year old cat because they want their last years to be happy. This person wants the cat to go to a rural home so they'll be allowed to roam outside again. This person even says the cat is affectionate so I assume the cat loves this excuse for a human but the cat wants to go outside and the human feels bad that s/he can't let them out now that they live in a city.

I was just forced to put my 14 year old cat down and would have never ever considered giving him away because I know he loved me and I loved him. If he had begged to go outside I would have trained him to accept a harness and taken him out supervised or I would have made an outdoor enclosure for him so he could be outside and safe or I would have distracted him by playing with him indoors.

But no, this person thinks that now that the cat is old and "on his last legs" that NOW is a good time to re-home him so "his last days can be happy". I wanted to message this person and tell them how wrong what they are trying to do is but I doubt anyone would take a 14 year old cat so I'm trying to let it go. I just can't believe someone who professes to care about this cat would not think of alternative ways to give the cat what it wants without putting it through the stress of dealing with a new home.

I often wonder about the people giving away their animals. Some of them seem like decent people and I want to believe their stories of allergies and not being able to take pets with them when they move but mostly I just feel bad for the animals. The ones they say they "don't have time" really make me mad though I think any pet will be happier with the family they have always had and less attention than a ton of attention and not the family they know. Either make the time or make the time you have with them as special as you can don't give them away.

end rant
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