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Nausea associated with kidney disease

I have noticed several mentions on her about dogs with nausea and poor appetite as an effect of kidney disease. My Doberman was experiencing this shortly after her diagnosis of protein losing nephropathy. Her doctor at Texas A&M School Of Veterinary Medicine told me to give her one 10mg famotidine (Pepcid AC) with each of her meals. In the days after she came home from A&M after her kidney biopsy, she would not eat a thing, regardless of what I offered or cooked for her. Within 30 minutes of my giving her the 10mg tablet, her ravenous appetite returned and she has not refused a meal in more than two years. I still give her one with her morning meal and one with her evening meal. She started out with a UPC of 30.6! It is now down to 1.7 and maybe will be even lower at her next check-up. She also takes 1 20mg Enalapril, 1/4 of a baby aspirin, 1 omega/fatty acid Snip Tip capsule, and the 10mg famotidine in the morning, and 1/2 20mg Enalapril and another 10mg famotidine in the evening. She has been on Royal Canin Renal MP, but I am now making her food, working from various recipes. She has incredible energy; swims, does agility and obedience, and retrieves duck decoys (she watched the retrievers doing this at the dog park and decided this was for her, too).
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