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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post

this web site liver can be hard on dogs that have kidney failure. I think the OP should check with their vet and see if is OK to feed the dog liver.
Barkingdog, people should always check with their vet and never just take someones word for anything, that's a given. The reason liver may not be a good choice is because it's high in phosphorus. But if the rest of the diet is not, the liver may be acceptable and will definitely help in building the blood back up if her baby is anemic, which is exactly why I stated I would post it and someone who knows more about renal failure can look it over. There are many things to consider here, not just the kidney issues. This diet is a high fat, quality protein diet, which is great for cancer dogs. And if I remember right, high fat and small amounts of good protein (limiting organ meats) is also good for renal issues. It may be that this would be a very good diet for both issues, even if the liver needs to be excluded.
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