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Originally Posted by cassblonde View Post
I've been researching toilet training cats and so far the method I think would work best is this one as we only have 1 bathroom for my family of 5. Also if you kept the mock toilet set up you could travel with it and once the cat was too old to handle the toilet you could reverse the training to move them back to litter.

Other than"it's unnatural" the only argument I have seen against toilet training is tracking waste. As you suggested a urine hat would work great at tracking pee and clean and dry it could be used to collect uncontaminated poo samples.

Personally I would notice a lot more of what my cat is doing in the bathroom on the toilet than in a litter box tucked away in a corner.
I would only want my dog to uses the toilet if the weather was too bad or if I was too sick to go out. Yeah I can your point about keep track of how much it is peeing. I forgot that some cats can get urine problems a lot.
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