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What a great thread, and great-looking pets all around. I'm game to share, and "new" theme, yes? OK, here goes:

First Photo, entitled: "Arctic Jack". This is my one-year old JRT, thus "new"-ly adult, enjoying "new" (fresh fall) snow, on what was her very first snow adventure (thus a "new" experience for her), in her "new" vest, which arrived just shortly after the "New Moon (does that one count?); all transpired on what turned out to be a beautiful winter day in what was a brand-spanking "New" Year, the ringing in of which she celebrated with an old Tabby Cat friend (these two like to play with each other and visit), and which is the same Tabby boy seen here in the second photo. That photo was taken some time back, namely, shortly after these two fist met--as in, "new"-ly met--and they become "new" friends rather quickly, as seen in the photo. (Who says cats and dogs can't get along? That's "New-s" to me, and why I thought to share).

Second Photo, entitled: "Cats and Dogs". This little guy I rescued as a wee baby kitten--a "New"-born, and part of a "new" litter I helped rescue, finding them all "new" homes with this lucky Tabby boy adopted by a family member (as a "new" friend to an older resident female cat), thus enjoying "new" beginnings in the lap of his "new" person; a very cool little guy, who's always up for a "new" adventure. Is it any wonder why he and my JRT got along?!

Now, I'm sure I could have gotten more "new-ness" in there, but as I am a "new" member here, thought I'd play it safe and let the pets do the talking instead!

Thanks for sharing, everyone. Some really nice shots here, and great-looking pets all-around!
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