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Should my dog come back?

Thanks to all--lovely answer HappyJacks. I would like to add that the new owners have no problem whatsoever returning the dog. They already have 3 other dogs and a few cats as well. I was not disputing their parenting--to each their own and I agree with what was said. It was merely something which I felt needed to be mentioned. The dog is presently in Asia--living in a cramped apartment and getting him back may perhaps even help the new owners. My question was focusing on my dog's well being. In other words is it psychologically good for him or not for me to get him back? The consensus seems to be to leave him where he is. It seems we are all dog lovers here but I question how many of us are qualified experts. I certainly am not. Based on what I've observed and been told on Skype by the new owners they have been having problems with him--My assessment is due to his being bored--He barks more often then he used to and doesn't necessarily listen to commands. The problems albeit have diminished but are still there. Hard to say really what I think but I do indeed thank you all for your opinions. What are the major differences in his life b4 and now? He is a pointer which means he is a evry social dog who needs his exercise. He would run 4 to 6 KMs a day, now never. He would be taken out with me every day wherever I went all day long. Now he stays mainly at home. He would often meet new people that would play with him. Now he stays with the same people. He used to be left free to roam the apartment at night now he sleeps in the entrance (approximately 3 feet squared closed space).
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