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You are all such great people !!

I am thankful for all your input..My little yorkie who's name is Kaysie, is still very active that if she see's the cat outside she will give chase to her...poor miss kitty can't exscape even a morning The vet did call us back and told us Kaysie's heart is enlarged quite a bit..her kidneys are working at best at 25% she said she had 2 values that were extreamly high and that was the reason for no surgery on her draining tumor on her breast..I keep a doggie diaper wrapped around her, she does lay around alot but also every time that door opens to out side she is wanting out..So for her to be a 15yr old yorkie I think she is doing pretty well. Robyn all your info was very helpful and I really appreciate you taking the time to help me..We live in a small town and have just the regular vets around specialist.. We have well water, and we have 2 whole house filters on the line, I am hoping me giving her that water has not been the problem, no vet has ever told me not to..I can buy the nursery water for babies at walmart if you think necessary, or I can boil our water before giving to them, I can buy distilled if need be..The food she loves the most is those little cesar dinners..the beef flavor ones...She is still on the prescription diet of c/d and I give her Nutro for seniors in the small pieces for small dogs..Maybe 2x a week she will eat some dry ..She is mostly wanting the cesar meals and I still boil chicken breast the boneless and give her small amounts at a time for her treats..I guess that is why she is going out so often to get the treat on her return trip in So I am hoping I am doing enough for her, she is 10lbs and she has never been real big eater..She knows she will get what ever she wants and whatever I am eating if she will eat I think the tumor is going down some since it has started draining so much...To bad there is others growning just as fast..But each day is a blessing with her, and as long as she is getting around as good as she is and not in pain we will spoil her even more..(if she will let us) She knows I am the one who changes her dressing and gives the pills and she is keeping her distance from me.. little stinker..Thank you all again I really enjoy hearing from you all even though I cry my eyes out reading all these...You are all just amazing..Hugs to you all and thank you all again and again..
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