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I'm by no means an expert, but her behaviour sounds to me like it could be petting aggression as well, at least in part. Often times, my 5-month old kitten uses biting as his first reaction when he's had enough of petting, or simply to communicate that he wants to start playing.

Since you mentioned you had two cats before, maybe you could consider adopting another kitten (or younger cat) to keep Smokey company? My kitten and mommy cat play and interact with each other constantly.

As far as the bedroom goes, I would say that it will take some time to establish a normal 'routine' that both you, your boyfriend, and Smokey feel comfortable with. I think this is especially true of kittens. They are a bundle of energy, and there are times when they will go absolutely bonkers and drive you crazy I went back and forth through a couple of phases of having my bedroom door closed, then back to open, before things settled down.
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