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Should i get my dog back? Concerned for his mental well-being

My Pointer was abandoned when he was about a month old. I took him over, raised him, gave him all the love and attention he needed. He is well behaved, smart and loved by all (humans and other pets). A little over a year ago (him now being 4.5 years old) because of a deep depression (mine) I had to leave him behind to neighbors and then left the country--the last few days one can feel that he sensed that something was wrong. Since then I have been talking to him via Skype a couple of times a month. The neighbors/new owners have been great to him in terms of giving him the love he needs. However, they do not have the time to take him out as often as I used to nor give him as much attention--but he is being well taken care of nevertheless and loved as mentioned.
Anyhow, now that I have my head together I wonder if it is a good idea for him for me to get him back. As much as I love him and miss him I am primarily concerned for his well-being, not mine. I am wondering if getting him back will be a good thing for him (showing him he was not abandoned a 2nd time) or if he would feel abandoned a 3d time around if we did so?
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