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Feline Nail Bed Infection

My beautiful cat Puff has suffered with chronic nail bed infections for years. We went the antibiotic route and although it seemed to work for a while, the infections always returned. I finally did some research and came up with an easy solution that keeps the ugly sore infections at bay.

Soak your cat's paws in a small bowl with luke warm water and about a quarter to half teaspoon of Epsom salts. Rinse paws and put them in another small bowl with more luke warm water and a small amout of antibacterial liquid soap ( ask your local pharmacist). Make sure that your own hands are clean and gently scrap the crud from your cat's nails. Be very gentle and resoak paws every few seconds to soften the crud.

You will get almost all of the crud off. Gently dry your cat's paws and apply a very light coating of antibacterial cream or gel on the nail beds.

If you do this once a week for a month or so you will see a remarkable change and they will heal. Then, you will only have to so the aforementioned once a month to keep the infection away. It really only takes about 6 mins or so and it is a great bonding time with your kitty. Once he/she figures out that what you are doing will take the pain away I can guarantee that your kitty will almost look forward to the soaks. Good luck.
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