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Punishment versus correction

Originally Posted by DogTrainer1 View Post
As a professional dog trainer and behaviourist, I feel the need to comment. There is no doubt that you love your dog, but unfortunately using a technique like this is not a solution for the dog, but only the human.

Behaviour problems that suddenly 'worsen' paired with Separation anxiety, aggression, licking the paws, urination in the house, etc are signs of a bigger problem, and confused pack leadership is not it. Sadly, dogs can develop anxiety disorders just as humans can and using punishment to suppress these behaviours doesn't change the underlying emotion that is deep inside, it only suppresses the dog from showing the behaviour, but he most certainly feels it.

When your dog is showing signs like this, you should never ever use punishment, prong or command collars etc. In fact, when your dog is showing signs of profound anxiety like that you need a Veterinarly behaviourist-not just a dog trainer.

See this article by world re-knowned Veterinary Behaviourist Dr. karen Overall:

Its important for the world to know that pack leadership isn't the root of the majority of dog behaviour problems. Fear/Anxiety is much more of a cause, and these dogs really need our compassionate help.
As a person who has used both a behavourist and a trainer I feel I must comment here. I have a dog that was fear aggressive and can still be to some degree. I sought the help of a behavourist for this problem and for almost a year I used the methods taught by the behavourist without any success.
I then took my dog to a trainer who uses what you call punishment, however I believe they are properly termed as corrections. In less than a week of using corrections my dog no longer lunged and barked at people as they passed by me on the street. She actually walked by them with curiosity and instead of being afraid all the time she relaxed on walks.

I don't believe that bribing a dog to get results is the answer. It's like our society is to afraid to use discipline anymore. And by discipline I don't mean hurting an animal. Nature shows you the perfect way to discipline a dog. Just watch any pup and mother interact. The mother will discipline the pup if it acts up in any way. And the pup soon learns that such behaviour is unacceptable. Sorry for the sarcasm but I don't think mommy takes into consideration the feelings behind the pups actions.

Dogs are animals not humans and human phsycology has no place in the animal world. It's almost as if you are seeing human emotions in the animals and trying to find the underlying cause of those emotions to correct their behaviour. However if a dog learns that a certain behaviour will get them attention they will continue with that behaviour if not corrected.
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