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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
I'm so sorry you are dealing with this... cancer is a horrible disease

As far as table scraps, I'm not sure exactly what they mean. It would completely depend on the scraps. One thing with cancer is you want to avoid carbs/sugars and kibble. Regardless of what most vets say, kibble is far from ideal for any dog, let alone a dog with cancer. The cancer cells feed on carbs/sugars, so to minimize this, fresh "people" food is best. This is a link to a dog cancer forum that I found extremely helpful for our boy:

There are a few rules to follow when taking care of a cancer dog. One is filtered water. Tap water is never "great" for dogs, but for cancer dogs, it's very bad. They are already battling and the impurities/chemicals (and even parasites) can be very bad for a compromised immune system. Another thing is to have a good cancer supplement like K9 Immunity.

As for food, what I feed my babies is NRG. It's a dehydrated grain free food (NRG Maxim) and has no added/synthetic supplements. All the nutrition comes from the food sources. You want to keep everything as natural and chemical free as possible. If you have a good holistic vet in your area, I would highly recommend seeing him/her. They can really extend the life of your cancer baby as well as greatly improving the quality of life by boosting the immune system. Obviously surgery/excision and chemo aren't an option at this point. All you can really do is try to keep the quality of life high and follow the things above to help slow the growth of the tumors. Please, take the time to browse the cancer forum. It really did help me immensely when Thorin was diagnosed. The people there are very suportive, and have really good tips for taking care of your furbaby

I hope you get much more time with your sweet Yorkie

I feel diffence about this , I feel that when a person or pet is dying they should be able eat any food that want. I had a client that wanted chocolate candy for her lunch and I was going to let have some but the daughter in law said "no" as it was not a healthy meal. My client had her healthy meal and dies of old age a week later and her box of chocolate when uneaten.
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