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Originally Posted by razorace View Post
Thank you so much for taking the time to read and answer my concerns, the Dr. told us she was not in pain, I have a doggie diaper wrapped around her middle and it is draining right much all of a sudden, this may be some kind of sign, I know we only have her for a short time more, and she is even at the stage she does not want us to hold her or cuddle her..I really am heart broken at that..She does stay hidden more...And I agree to just let her eat what ever we can get in her...Thank you again for responding. God Bless you all for this site and the ones who enter..
My dog had trouble eating when he had cancer so I fed him hot dogs as he loved them and it was about the only thing he would try to eat. I had a dream about my dog last night and he was not able to walk , this dream reminded me of how sick my dog was and that I did the right thing for him by putting him down. It did not feel like the best thing for my heart but I knew in my mind it was the best thing for my dog. I think you should spend as much time as can with your beloved dog , she need to have you with her when her time come. This is so sad to read and your dog will have all of our pets waiting for her at the Rainbow bridge.
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