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Thank you so much for your replies and well wishes!
I am so sorry to hear about your furbabies that you have lost
I am hoping the ultrasound shows either nothing at all, or something that merely medicine will treat. I tend to agree Dog Dancer, I do not want to put her through such an ordeal to merely gain a few more months (and those months would be spent primarily recovering from such a big surgery - its not fair for her)

We did see a little improvement yesterday though! I took her on her leash to go potty and she just wanted to walk, and walk, and walk! She also came at dinner time, and while still didn't eat, she came, sniffed, and even licked it Hopefully today she will give some a try! At this point I am less concerned about the nutritional value, and would just be pleased she ate something.

Last night she also went up the stairs to the bedroom all by herself too! I've been camped out in the living room as I did not want her doing the stairs (while I could help her get up, I was fearful she would get up in the middle of the night and try to go downstairs and hurt herself).

Praying the ultrasound today shows positive results!!
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