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I saw that video when I was researching training a pair of kittens I plan on getting this fall but I kept looking and found this site which for my one bathroom family will work better. I also like the method a bit better than in the video.

From the days of reading I've been doing I've learned the biggest thing you have to do when training is go slow and pay attention to what your cat is telling you. It's up to you whether you continue trying to train or let the cat go back to his litter box.

I read one training blog where the owner in question worked at it for 2 years before getting his one cat trained.

If your cat is objecting to a step you have to go back a step or two until he is going where you want him to and then once he's happily there for a few weeks ease him into the next step. Time and patience. Otherwise go back to the litter box and enjoy your cat.
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