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Should I Get Another Cat?

my Tortie "Half" is a year-and-a-half old. she is a bit Alpha but super sweet and affectionate and smart and friendly and likes all the neighbours and will go right into their apartments and greet the cats. i fear that she is lonely. she took to potty right away but i think i rescued her under 12 weeks. she squeaks when i'm nearing my door to enter and always wants to go out into the hall and she follows me around and likes to see where i'm at and what i'm doing. she's awesome. she plays fetch and climbs around the apt. and lays on top of me and curls up beside me at night. should i get another cat for her. will she bond with it and then lose interest in me. i'd be so upset if she didn't sleep with me. once fixed, is there a big difference between male and female cats. i'd like to rescue a kitten. i don't believe in "buying" them from pet stores. please advise me.
thanks, NR
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