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budgrrl, I am so sorry for what you and Kiila are going through. I know it's not an easy decision. If you went ahead with surgery, how much longer do you think you would have with Kiila? I know there are several people on the board here who have dealt with cancer in their dogs, I have been fortunate not to face that issue so far. I did however lose my14 year old girl a year ago to arthritis and old age. I know with her, and with the sweet girl we still have (who is 12) I would not go to extreme lengths just to gain a few more months. I would cherish the time I have with them and keep them comfortable and pain free as long as I could. I truly hope someone with experience in your issue can give you some solid advice, all I can say is trust your heart to do what you feel is right for Kiila. Stay strong and enjoy the time you can.
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