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Appearance: cloudy Would be better if it was clear or slightly cloudy, but since this is a subjective evaluation by whoever is analyzing the urine, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Specific gravity: 1.036 This is a wonderful and perfectly normal USG for a cat. In fact it's actually on the slightly dilute side of things rather than being too concentrated. I'm thinking the vet is getting cats and dogs mixed up.
pH: 7.5 Ideal would be 6.0-6.5, but it does tend to fluctuate. Would be nice to get more pH tests at different times of the day.
Protein: 1+
Glucose: negative
Ketone: negative
Bilirubin: negative
Blood: 1+
WBC: 2-3 HPF
RBC: 2-3 HPF
Casts: none seen LPF
Struvite: 2-3 HPF
Amorphous Phosphate: 2-3 HPF
Bacteria: none seen HPF
Squamous epithelia: 2-3 HPF Do you know for sure how they got the urine sample? Was it via cystocentisis or did they express Daisy's bladder? Squamous epithelia cells aren't usually seen if acquired via cysto.
Thank you for those links! The second link is relatively easy to understand, but DH will have to help me through the second link.

I believe it was via cystocentisis. That's what her invoice says, at least.

On the test there's a little "H" next to any results that aren't inside the ideal range - there are "H"s next to pH, protein, and blood. There's no H next to squamous epithelia - it says 0-3. Do you think that's to account for a urine sample obtained through expressing the cat's bladder? She didn't mention any of this - I always get copies of their blood tests so I can read them, but I've never asked for a copy of a urinalysis before. I will be from now on - so much info in here that I want to look into.

DH said he saw the sample - he was looking out the window in the door when the vet was examining the sample, and he said the urine was yellow.

Man I was reading back over some of my old posts and I'm a helicopter mom. Heaven help any human child that I end up raising! I'm kinda . Like I literally sound like a crazy person. I know I'm passionate about the kitties but geeeeeeze.
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