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Special needs puppy question

Hi everyone! I am Jodi and new here. We just had a litter of chihuahua puppies 5 weeks ago with one that almost died! Thankfully we were able to hand feed her and I'm happy to say, she's still alive and doing well! Not without a few problems though. Day 3 I brought her to our vets and unfortunately is blind in one eye, she has a crooked jaw and cleft pallette so she's been very challenging for us. The way her jaw is, she could barely suck from a bottle and could not nurse at all.
I'm happy to say she's now 5 wks old and can eat from a small saucer and she gets the amount she wants! My question is that she has started suckling her blankets or anything that gets close to her face even after she's full and finished her feeding. I also don't want to over feed her either so I'm not sure what this is all about.
One other thing too is that she is so very tiny. Like the size of small hamster!
We have been on a every four hour around the clock feeding schedule. Does anyone know when we could stop the nightly feedings? We are so sleep deprived and hope to see a little light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for any advice!!!
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