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Originally Posted by Luccistar View Post
That's your own opinion. Remember at one point, dogs were wild animals that we started keeping. And how about snakes, chinchillas, ferrets, servals kept as pets? They too, had wild ancestors... Kai's ancestors have first been domesticated around 120 years ago, so he is a domestic animal. He acts like a cat/dog with a spoiled baby attitude, never been aggressive. And he couldn't survive in the wild, he does not have his dominant wild instincts anymore. And Kai isn't kept in a cage, he has the whole back yard (which is pretty big) to run around in, and I walk with him around 5 hours/day
I am glad it is illegal to have a fox for a pet in my state. I would not have any of the animals you mention for a pet. I know dogs where once wild but it would be a lot nicer to save a dog from being put to sleep than breeding foxes to be pet. Thousands of dogs are being killed everyday , we do not need to bring more animals into the world.
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