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Aggression/territorial behaviour in cat

Here is my situation:
My bedroom has a ground-level window that my cat likes to look out. However, my neighbours like to let their cats out and a couple of them hang around outside our window resulting in face-to-face encounters with my cat (through the window). The window is under our deck so the outside cats like it under there.

Whenever my cat finds another cat out there, she hisses and screams and makes awful noises and hits the window. The outside cats could care less. But, this has resulted in her being quite stressed. Whenever she's near the window she growls/makes "huffy" noises/hisses/paces (even if there's no cat there). When the blinds are closed she's kind of paranoid of what's out there.

With summer approaching I'm guessing there will be daily encounters like this. I could lock her out of the bedroom, but I'm guessing she would only cry at the door all day to get in. And, she sleeps in bed with us at night so it would be sad to lock her out (lately she's been nervous at night too and she wakes up several times during the night to pace around the window). I was hoping she would get used to the cats outside or make window friends, but it seems to only be getting worse.

My cat is aggressive now whenever she's in the bedroom. She will hit or bite if you try to pick her up. Basically I don't see keeping her out of the bedroom as a realistic or long-term solution.

I used Feliway once when she was stressed after a move, and it seemed to work (I don't know if it worked, or if she just got better). I was going to buy another because I think I got rid of my 2 old plug-ins. Would a Feliway in the bedroom help her calm down? Or are there any other suggestions?
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