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If it turns out that someone has used the name Jamberoo as a kennel name(Prefix) I won't be allowed to have it, so second choice is Heelersridge Wartook after the Wartook Valley in the Grampians Mt range near us, but I'd still call him Roo as his call name, there being plenty of roos in the Grampians. Just checked and that link in my OP is useless, this was the photo that his breeder has moved. First photo at 5 weeks(he is on the right), second at 6 weeks, third at 7 weeks(unhappy after microchipping, he just wanted to go home).
The entire litter got an excellent BAER result, normal hearing, (YAY!!) but it could be a week or more till I find out his PLL result. Now, via an American forum, I see there is a mutation of the PRCD gene that can cause late onset blindness in this breed, but it's a test only available so far in the States. Wonderful what they can do via DNA swabs now, isn't it?
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