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Greetings from an exotic animal lover!

Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself a bit. I live in Quebec, and I am a huge animal lover. I especially love canines and felines (the exotic ones in particular) but all animals are welcomed in my home! I love photography too!

I come from Romania, where I grew up along my grandmother's wolfdog, Rex. I've owned, and worked with farm animals of all kinds including horses, donkeys, goats, chicken, geese, , exotic pets including hedgehogs, hamsters, chinchillas, lizards, snake, small birds, a gray squirrel, a mouse, chipmunks, a wildcat hybrid and an African deer I rescued from poachers in Ethiopia (while I was on a trip, I LOVE trips) and of course, the usual cats and dogs. I love

I currently have 4 cats, 2 geckos, a silver fox and will have a NGSD (New Guinea dingo) around, if not on February 1, 2013. This spring 2013, I will get my very own fox kit, of a very rare color morph, either a champagne (with blue or pink eyes) or a cinnamon platinum.

My associate and I are also starting to breed domestic foxes, and we plan on possibly owning a mink and a Canadian lynx in the future. A high/medium high content wolfdog is also on my mind, but for that I will need a license, for Quebec!
That makes a LOT of animals, I'm aware of that, but it's nothing we've never been used to before. We love animals, I could not live without them!

So yeah, this is pretty much it. I will post some pictures and share stories from time to time about my little critters, and help others with their domestic/farm/exotics if they ever need help. I like being there for others, one thing I forgot to mention earlier! Hope it won't bother anyone! I already have some pictures uploaded on my

Can't wait to read stories about your little fur friends!
PS: that little fox in the picture, it's my associate's deceased marble fox named Kira.
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