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Hi reksav -

So sorry to hear that you're going through this, it's certainly very frightening when your baby starts to have seizures. As Rguerts mentioned, I also have a little one that had seizures fairly regularly for the first two years of her life. Lately, she's been doing so amazing with only two seizures in 2012! We owe our success to a drug called Zonisamide, but there are a lot of things that need to be investigated before you can find the right treatment! Every dog and situation is different!

Rguerts has really given you a lot of great tips about trying to find a diagnosis, so I'm not going to go on too much about that. The bile acid test is a good start, as well as the thyroid panel. We ended up doing an MRI for our little one in the end, but certainly no need to rush to that right away. We just wanted some peace of mind that we were proceeding with the right treatment, as she started having seizures as 3 months old, much younger than normal for epilepsy... but she had no signs of anything else being wrong.

In the beginning, our dog was put on phenobarbital and it has caused some problems with her liver. We also didn't find it effective and now she's been weaned off of it, but I would certainly advise you to take Rguerts's advice and get Flint on something with Milk Thistle in it right away. We have Keely on Hepato Support capsules and they have Milk Thistle in them. We noticed that this helped a lot with her liver, even though we still have to monitor it and do blood tests and the bile acid tests on a regular basis.

Also, just one more tip. We also use rectal Valium (diazepam) to prevent Keely from having clusters of seizures, however, we have found that a bag of frozen peas or a gel ice pack or something frozen placed on the middle of the back (spine) on the neck/upper back has helped to stop seizures, sometimes even before we get the Valium into the syringe and up her butt! Maybe it could help you. Oh, and if you do end up getting the Valium from your vet, you may want to ask about a protocol that involves multiple smaller doses, as the Valium is metabolized very quickly. For example, we do one dose while the seizure is occurring, then another 20 minutes later, and then a final dose 20 minutes after that. We haven't had any clusters since starting on that protocol, even when Keely was having the weekly seizures.

Okay, hope that helps and, certainly, if you have any specific questions, please ask! I'm on this forum infrequently, but I will check back to see how Flint is doing Rguerts and I have shared quite a few conversations on our dogs and I know I've found it immensely helpful, so hopefully you will too!

Good luck
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