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I'll write more later, but I wanted to give you the details from Daisy's urinalysis. *not sure what "HPF" means, but I'm including it anyway*

Appearance: cloudy
Specific gravity: 1.036
pH: 7.5
Protein: 1+
Glucose: negative
Ketone: negative
Bilirubin: negative
Blood: 1+
WBC: 2-3 HPF
RBC: 2-3 HPF
Casts: none seen LPF
Struvite: 2-3 HPF
Amorphous Phosphate: 2-3 HPF
Bacteria: none seen HPF
Squamous epithelia: 2-3 HPF

Comments: high pH
sm # struvites none really seen on in house sediment
USG still fairly high despite trying to incr water intake

Her next comment talks about her phone conversation with me - one bit says, "reluctant to use Rx diet but may if we strongly recommend".

WTF?! Grrrr. I guess me adamantly saying, "I'm not using it" left some room in her mind for negotiation. I love how THAT is her solution to this whole problem. Give me Rx food.

Back to the first vet! At least she accepted my "I'm not using it" and decided to help me find a good canned food. Even if she's learning as she goes she's not as dense as the one who wrote this report. I have the lab results paperwork in hand and I'll give it to the first vet when I go back to have Fitzy tested. Now I just have to have the awkward "break-up" conversation with this last vet. Since they're expecting to see Fitzy soon for his urinalysis I guess I should probably just tell them I won't be back at all.

ETA: The kitties are grooving on Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Dinner now. They've boycotted the Instinct duck. I'm still going to pick up the Instinct LI turkey when it comes in - I'm hoping they'll like that. But the Thanksgiving Day Dinner seems pretty good - a bit too high in carbs.
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