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I suggest NOT a puppy. Neither you nor your room mates has the time a puppy will require for potty training, socializing, crate training, puppy class and more training. A puppy will not be able to jog with you till it's about two years old. This is because you don't run a dog till it's joints are closed. You don't even want to leash walk on a hard surface like pavement too much at first. You could play with it off leash on grass though. A puppy will not be much different for you than being the single mom of a human baby.

Only two of the breeds, as adults, will be able to do much jogging with you, the Beagle and the Klee Klai. And a mere 20 minute jog once a day is not near enough exercise for either breed. Both those breeds are tough dogs meant to hunt all day or run at sled for long periods. You do not have the exercise time either of those breeds requires.

Terriers are not for the faint of heart and not for students who have never had any kind of pet let alone a terrier before. No matter how dedicated you intend to be it will be hard.

REally a large breed like a Newfy or Great Dane or Saint Bernard would be a better match for you, exercise needs wise. An adult.

I really think you'd be better with a cat. I have four cats and one dog. The cats alone need about 20 minutes of play time each a day. They'd like more, or they did when they were younger. Cats won't jog with you (well most won't, ) they practically potty train themselves, they are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety and scream when you leave the house without them. Your next landlord is more likely to accept your cat than a dog. Your next several landlords because cats can live 20 years.

REally, I think a cat is better. Dogs require a much greater time committment. I find people underestimate how much time dogs need. Even most cats want to be with you, play with you, interact with you, be with you far more than non-cat people imagine.
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