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Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
For the phosphorous values he gave me the LI foods as well as the regular Instinct duck - that's where I saw the discrepancy.
D'wuh. Somehow I didn't see that. Maybe his numbers are for a more recent batch or something?

Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
It's like toddlers getting a hold of a new toy - they play with it for a few minutes but when you show it to them later they're like, "Meh. Old news."
Mine are like that too, which is why they get a different flavour/brand for every meal. Keeps them interested. I should seriously take a picture of my cat food pantry... it'll make you laugh.

Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
The problem is that Daisy will EAT the saran wrap - she LOOOOOVES plastic.
Oh right! I forgot about that issue. With Aztec, I just wait until he starts peeing and then slide the lid under his butt. Once the stream is going, he isn't likely to stop it. Will your two use the box if there's only a thin layer of litter? Sometimes if you get to the pee spot quickly before it soaks in, you can do a quick test. Not sure if different litters might affect the pH though. I'll see if I can find any other tips that might help in your case.

Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
I still need to address their high pH and concentrated urine. If their diet doesn't fix that, then what?
Adding yet more water to the food should help with the USG. I also have a link somewhere about how to get more fluids into a cat, but the easiest is just to make the food as wet as they'll tolerate.

As for the pH, you can get L-methionine from a health food store and add a measured amount to the food (if you need dosages, I can find that for you). But I would strongly advise only doing this if you can test the urine pH at home, since you need to be sure you aren't over-acidifying.

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