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Originally Posted by breezepup View Post
I did speak to my landlord about it, and she told me that I could keep a small dog as long as I clean up after it and it doesn't bark too much. I live in the city, but the part of the city I live in isn't a main business district, but a residential area with a bicycle path and a park with a dog run nearby, so it's easier for me to own a dog.

I like your idea about making arrangements with someone planning to bring in a pet. I didn't think of that, but it's a really good idea!!

I have most Sundays free, so I'll try to make arrangements to volunteer at the animal shelter to hopefully learn something for myself about caring for a dog, other than the stuff I picked up on the internet :3
Yes ,I know you spoke to your landlord about having a pet but most shelters will want to talk to the landlord or have a letter from them . Anyone can say their landlord said it is OK to have a pet and that is not good enough for some shelters . The shelters do not want people to bring back pets and if do find a pet and the shelter can't reach your landlord by phone you may not get the pet you want. So it would really help to have a letter from your landlord that you can bring to the shelter. When I adopted my dog the shelter wanted to see my realtor tax bill , just saying I own my condo was not good enough .
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