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Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
Nature's Variety got back to me almost immediately - this is the email I got:

The values he gave for the Instinct Duck are different than what Dr. Pierson has on her chart - she has it at 191 (he at 142).
Dr. Pierson's value is for just the regular NV Instinct Duck, not the Limited Ingredient version. I so can't wait until these new formulas are available here! They'd be great for Aztec and his renal insufficiency. I also noticed a few other new products on the NW website, like pork and salmon. Very cool.

Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
He told me he would do the calculation for me (when I told him I wanted to know how many mg per 100kcal),
Now that's great customer service!! Considering so many companies don't even bother getting back to people when they ask such questions.

Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
Is there a specific way I should be switching their wet food?
Not unless they have super sensitive digestive tracts that need a slower transition. I switch wet food with all my kitties at the drop of a hat. In fact, they never get the same food twice in a row. Most cats are able to handle changes like that.... blame pet food companies for trying to "force" brand loyalty in their customers by spreading the myth that cats and dogs must always eat the same food. Now some cats do indeed need a more gradual changeover, or perhaps some probiotics to help equalize the gut flora. A little bit of soft stool for a week or 2 isn't a big deal though.
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