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Originally Posted by breezepup View Post
I found a list of terriers, and one by one I researched them on
I found that most of them had longer fur, so would that mean more shedding and excess grooming and brushing? I hate to admit it, but I am on a budget, so I can handle "shedding seasons" and brushing weekly, but I can't afford excessive grooming bills.

In their breed descriptions, it seem that most of them fit the bill for the general behaviour types I was looking for, friendly around lots of people, active and playful. I have, eliminated, so to say, my first list, and am now quite interested in terriers.

I actually have a list of the ones I seemed particularly interested in, but I have a major question here:
Is there a health difference in the dogs from breeders and from shelters? If I chose to get one from a breeder, I'm worried about the dog being overly inbred, resulting in health issues.

Also, could someone please give me an approximate price for adopting a dog from the shelter and from a breeder?

I have one final question: When you go into a shelter (I've never been in one before) can you tell a person there what breed you're looking for, or are they all mixed-breed? And will the person there tell you what to do when you take your puppy home??
You should have your landlord write you a letter saying it OK for you to have a pet. Most shelters will want to know if own your house or if your landlord allow pets. Did your landlord say how big a dog you can have, I would made sure your can get a dog over 25 lbs as most landlords do not like big dogs in their apartment. It can cost over $200 to adopt a pet and you'll need to bring the vet to for a check up , the dog may need to be wormed. I paid over $200 for Marty adoption fee . You can tell a shelter and say you would like adopt a pet that has to be given up and see if anyone is planning on bring a pet in . If the dog is right for you the owner can made plans with you and this will save you the cost of adoption fee. I did this but the dogs where older than want I was looking for. I hope you'll post a photo of your pet for us to see.
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