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Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
sugarcatmom - I don't know how to do the quoting thing like you do! I need to figure that out.
It's kinda convoluted and I only do it to try to be clear about the issue I'm addressing, so if you're as anal as me (and I actually suspect you might be!! ), here's how:

I break down the full quote by inserting "[/quote]" at the end of the first part I want to reply to. Then for the next part, I copy/paste the initial quote info: "[ QUOTE=MissPurryJess;1051912[" and insert that at the beginning of the next part I want to address, with the "[/quote[" at the end. (I turned the end brackets around for this example so that it wouldn't actually perform the quote).

A simpler way is to just copy/paste the comments you want to quote, highlight them, and then click the little speech bubble icon along the top of the reply box. That automatically puts the quote tags around the text, just not with the fancy "Originally posted by sugarcatmom" part.

Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
I asked the vet about the home test strips - I don't remember her response, it was wishy washy.
She may not be that familiar with home-testing urine pH, or maybe she's one of those vets who hates to relinquish control . Either way, it can give a much more accurate picture of what's going on because you can get multiple test samples at different times of the day/week. Since pH fluctuates, the sample at the vet is just a tiny snapshot of a bigger scenario.

Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
How do you test the urine once they've already used the litter box?
Couple things you could try. One is to temporarily substitute the regular litter for something non-absorbent if your cats don't freak out about it and pee elsewhere instead. Aquarium gravel is an option, or un-popped popcorn. Vets sell something called No-Sorb, but it's stupidly expensive. Something else I've heard other people try is to put a layer of Saran wrap on top of the litter. The urine should pool in the folds and you can test it from there. Haven't tried this myself and my crazy diggers would probably fling it all over the place. I'm lucky, none of my cats are shy pee-ers, so I can just slide a shallow jar lid under their butts once they start going.

Oh, gotta run but I'll with you more later.....
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