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sugarcatmom - I don't know how to do the quoting thing like you do! I need to figure that out.

Daisy wasn't fasted - the test was in the evening, around 7:30pm, so she'd definitely had plenty to eat that day. I asked the vet about the home test strips - I don't remember her response, it was wishy washy. How do you test the urine once they've already used the litter box? Both of them are weird about the box - it's on the ground floor on a little landing in front of the basement door (not our choice, Fitzy's choice ), and if they sense someone coming down the stairs towards the box they jump out and run. They don't like to be watched, either - if I'm standing anywhere near that staircase they will look at me like, "Um, do you mind?" until I leave, then they'll use the box. If there's a way to get the urine once they've used the box I'd get the strips.

She didn't give me any of that information - but I'm going to go over there tomorrow and ask for a copy of the test, so I'll let you know when I get it. I need to drop off a release form for their insurance paperwork, so I'll ask for a copy of the test, too - so I can bring it with me to my previous vet! I talked to DH and he pointed out that while the previous vet gave us some whacked out information, she did take the time to do research and call me multiple times and see things from my point of view. I like the facility better, too - plus it's way closer. So I'm going to go back to the first vet with the hope that the she will continue to inform herself about nutrition and come over to our side!

Nature's Variety got back to me almost immediately - this is the email I got:

Thank you for calling and here are the phosphorus amounts in the Instinct cans:

Instinct LID Turkey - 147 mg/100kcal
Instinct LID Duck - 139 mg/100kcal
Instinct LID Lamb - 134 mg/100kcal
Instinct Duck - 142 mg/100kcal

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Consumer Relations
Nature's Variety
The values he gave for the Instinct Duck are different than what Dr. Pierson has on her chart - she has it at 191 (he at 142). He told me he would do the calculation for me (when I told him I wanted to know how many mg per 100kcal), so that's apparently what he ended up with after some math. I tried to get some of the turkey today, but the store didn't have it yet - it was being ordered, and I should get a call next week to go pick up a few cans and give it a go. Right now both kitties are CHOWING DOWN on the Instinct duck - like obsessively. I mixed it with their venison and they're going to town.

Is there a specific way I should be switching their wet food? We're done with dry - all done. I don't even do the sprinkle of pulverized dry - they don't seem to need it anymore and they're eating a few more ounces of wet a day now (up to about 4 oz each). They'll just eat the new food straightaway, but I don't know if that's good for their tummies - I've read a lot about how to switch from dry to wet, but what about from one wet to another? *off to google*
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