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I got a call from the vet today - Daisy's pH is 7.5. Her urine is also very concentrated. It was only 2 weeks since the last test, so I don't know if that's why - if it hasn't had a chance to normalize since we switched their diet or what.

The vet wasn't helpful - surprise surprise. I asked what I could do to lower the pH, since we've already switched to an all-canned diet with water mixed in, and of course she goes, "Yada yada yada prescription diet". I think I made her angry - I said something like, "Unless there's magic fairy dust in the food there has to be a reason why it's being prescribed - so what is it in this Rx food that's going to lower her urine pH?" Her response? "I'm not a biochemist so I can't really say." And then she goes, "Upping their water intake is the best thing you can do." Okay. Sure. Obviously. That's why we're on a canned diet and adding water!!!

WTF?! Am I that difficult? Seriously? Am I that crazy? Shouldn't the doctor KNOW exactly WHAT is going to lower the pH? How is prescribing a food in any way helpful if they don't even know the reason why the food is supposed to help?!

Now I want to go back to the OTHER vet! I'm losing my mind here. We still have to take Fitzy in for a urinalysis since they couldn't get any urine the last time. I'm debating which vet I want to take him to. I'm fully aware they probably both think I'm nuts, but I don't even care at this point.

I gave Daisy some Nature's Variety Instinct grain-free duck wet food this morning and she LICKED THE BOWL CLEAN. She's eating some more now. Have any of you heard of this version, though?

Instinct Limited Ingredient Turkey

I don't think I've even seen it anywhere - but it looks good. I like how it's just one protein, it seems like it would be good to switch around with another food to give them some variety. I called the company to ask them how many mg of phosphorous/100 kcals, and they didn't have that information readily available, so they're going to email me with the answer.

So frustrating. I just want a vet who UNDERSTANDS why they prescribe this food. GIVE ME A REASON. If my doctor said, "Oh, you've got high cholesterol, here, eat this," I'd want to know WHY eating that particular thing would lower my cholesterol - I wouldn't blindly eat it. I don't blindly do anything my doctor says - I like knowing WHY and HOW something will help me. And if they don't know why, be honest. I don't think that's too much to ask from a vet. I know these vets work really hard to get their DVMs and do fellowships and internships and work insane hours and see terrible things so they can help our pets - I'm not slamming vets, because I do respect them - but this "The Rx diet will fix that" BS is not working for me. It's not right.
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