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Homemade cookies are a hit!!

Made a batch of peanut butter ones a few days ago and wow, she loved them...enough that they won out over yelling at the neighbour's dog when she's out. They have to have a yelling contest whenever they can!! Even today the dog was coming home and that's prime yelling time and I said c'mon let's go get a cookie and zoom right in the house..gotta love it!! Today got a batch of beef and bacon ones in the oven, they smell really good too! Sooo easy, whole wheat flour a good dump of oatmeal, beef broth a touch of garlic, knead rollout cut, bake...I'm going to get a couple of sweet potatoes, they're HUGE here and dirt cheap and make some sweet potato cookies. Wasn't sure how Bayley would like them but I gave her a piece of raw the other night and she gobbled it up and wanted more. The dog treats are so expensive to buy.
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