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Originally Posted by fuzzball View Post
In it's petroleum jelly /hairball remedy medicine form, purchased from a vet or pet food store, it is meant to be injested and just passes through the body as a lubricant and doesn't harm kitty.
Long-term regular ingestion of petroleum by-products can indeed cause harm to some cats. For one, they interfere with nutrient absorption. They can also initiate an inflammatory response in the digestive tract, and chronic inflammation is detrimental to good health. Plus, many of these hairball formulas contain other noxious ingredients like sugar, artificial flavours/colours, and sodium benzoate as a preservative.

Constipation is best avoided by feeding a good quality species-appropriate wet food diet, supplemented with soluble fibre for cats that need it.

Originally Posted by fuzzball View Post
I trust my vet wouldn't recommend regular use of a product that would be bad for long term health.
While I'm not saying vets shouldn't be trusted, I do think there are a number of products and treatments they offer that aren't in the best interest of cats. Take the horrid food they sell, for instance. Or the excessive vaccination schedules many still follow. Or drugs like Metacam.
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