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Originally Posted by Indoor_furball View Post
Hi everyone, first off I want to thank you for stopping by to review my case.

I'm Jeff and I have a long hair domestic cat, male, about 2 yrs old that I adopted when he was just over a yr. This is an indoor cat, thus why I haven't keep him up to date with his shots, he's had his first few shots when he was adopted.

Awhile back I noticed that he hasn't been peeing much, so I looked online and found some infos and have decided to change his eating diet from pure dry food to half and half (with dry and wet). As expected he's drinking more water an peeing normally so I assume that the problem was fine.

Recently, on odd days I will find my cat hiding and not wanting to greet you when I'm home and on top of that he don't seem to want to eat, maybe just one meal a day. He walks slow and when I tried to pick him up he cries in a way where you know it's not normal. We are pretty confident that it shouldn't be leg injuries as he most just go up and down the stairs most of the time if he's not sleeping. Aside from him not eating and hiding, there's been a couple times where he pees outside his litter box(we've seen him going into he box but then we would find pees on the floor besides his litter box).

Last night, the scenario has happened again and he just slept in my room in a corner(my room has always been his safe spot). Normally he would death the door to go out at night but last night he didn't, and this morning he didn't eat as well. Right now he is just laying down under a table in a corner of the living room and there's been a pool of liquid by his litter box (assuming its urine).

If anyone here had similar experience please PM me or reply to this post, thank in advance.

Warm regards,

I agree with what Marko said and would bring your cat the vet . It is not a good idea to try and diagnose your pet from what you read on line. If you call a vet up they'll tell you they need to see your pet to made a diagnosie as there are some many reasons why a pet may not be able to urine. .
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