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addisons disease

I am new to this Forum and since our little 4 pound chihuahua has just been diagnosed, I have many questions. We had an ultra sound done yesterday which showed abnormally small adrenals. First of all, since we haven't had the ACTH test yet (tomorrow) to confirm, how could a dog be a bouncy, healthy, normal guy 98% of the time if he had a hormone imbalance all along? I would have thought it would be like Thyroid or Insulin disorders i.e. that he would have many days of lethargy and other symptoms. Since he almost died of shock last week and is still fighting to survive, I want to know what other owners with dogs with Addisons Disease have noticed. Did you see a slow deterioration, or like Arnie, would your dog have "spell days" where he had no appetite, energy, and just wanted to sleep al;l day? In Arnie's case, he was always back to normal in 24hours. Could he be misdiagnosed I wonder?
Thanks for any help you can provide!
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