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New rescue. arrived about 1 1/2 hour ago

Hi guys
I'm still visiting Mexico and I get no rest. My parents found a kitten at the market
He's alert and responsive, eyes clear (just with sleep and some dirt) and ate but he's dirty, exhausted and I can see he's in some pain, not enough not to eat but enough to cause him a constant spasm, except when he sleeps. Right now he's deeply asleep and at ease. It's past 1 pm and I'll be taking him to the vet at 4.
I've been told he was hit by a bicycle earlier, his condition is not critical at the moment and there are no visible injuries however I am concerned and have him warm in a big carrier resting behind closed doors and keping an eye on him until we go to the vet.
Please send all your good thoughts this way so we can pull him through this. My first concern is his health and once that's clear we'll find him a home.

God I'm so worried. I love them always at first sight.
" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
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