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Wikipedia says ...
According to a UK Kennel Club health survey, cancer accounts for 38.5% of Boxer deaths, followed by old age (21.5%), cardiac (6.9%) and gastrointestinal (6.9%) related issues. Average age of death was 9 years and 8 months.

So, dreams529, I think you have done a splendid job of getting Julie to 11.5 years old. Well done, honestly. I know how loveable the breed can be too, a friend here once
had a Boxer, Molly, who she misses dreadfully, more than any other animal she's had. I think you are getting bonus time with Julie so I hope med's will control her condition so you have her longer, she'll let you know when they aren't helping anymore. I agree, MaxaLisa, it's awful when they start deteriorating and you can't do a lot for them, very sad.
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