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Question Depressed/Stressed dog due to new puppy

A few weeks ago my partner and I bought a puppy (cheweenie) as a companion for our 1 1/2 year old dog (yorki/pom mix) both of us work and even though we try to be home as much as possible, we didn't wanted him to be lonely.

We have been keeping them separately for now, and then supervise playtime; however we have noted our dog has been very stressed since the new addition, there has been days where he wont eat and just lays in his bed, he wont even accept a treat! other times he will just sit on the couch with his back towards us and ignore us, or just sleep all the time.

I do understand they are not going to be best buddies right away; however the last couple days we have also noted that even though they can play for a few minutes together the puppy obviously can be a bit rough at times, and makes the older dog cry. And now, when my older dog has had enough from him he hides under the couch, where he can barely fit, and wont come out until we get him; he does have his "safe place" away from puppy, but now he just does that.

I love them both so much, but it does break my heart to see my little guy so sad and stressed, my partner has decided that we should find a new home home for the puppy as it is not working out, I am so heart broken and feel like a terrible person for doing that, so I don't know what to do, should we just give it more time?

Now, I know friends have suggested to take them out for walks, however, where I live the temperature is very cold (-20 to -40 degrees) so going for walks is not much of an option for them right now, they can barely go out for a pee.

I just want to do what is best for both of them, but now I am a little depressed too
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