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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
That's awesome!! It looks like fun for the dogs, too.
Groucho's instructor, Ann, regularly reminds us that this *IS* the dog's game, not ours, and that while it should be a challenge, we still need to make it so the dog has success, especially in training and practice, because if it's NOT fun, they won't want to do it.

She also points out that this really is stimulating and using the primal hunting drive, so it helps to give them a sense of purpose.

I'm on a couple different mailing lists and FB groups for nosework, and there are lots of stories of dogs being helped by sports like this (tracking, agility, etc. are good as well). Like this one that just came through my mailing list this morning (part of a discussion on dealing with reactive and stressed dogs at trials):

have a Pit Bull I found abandoned in a local park that I ended up keeping. She has had terrible reactive issues with other dogs to the point of going red zone with no provocation at all even with dogs that she knew. Worse when walking and meeting other dogs walking towards us. She has always been great with all people under all circumstances. I started NW training with her last March and have been cautiously working with her meeting other dogs. Everything done positively. I now have a dog excelling in NW under all conditions, we train everywhere. She loves her NW training to the point she will not stop barking while waiting her turn. She never barks any other time while waiting in the car. She has shown massive improvement with other dogs to the point of really enjoying pack walks which we do weekly. She still has excitement when seeing approaching dogs but now it is more "I want to meet that dog" instead of "I must kill that dog". When she does meet a new dog she does great, proper sniffing and she avoids conflict. We are doing our ORT next month and I am sure she will excel. I believe NW has helped her as she is more confident. I hope that at some point she will be just a normal, happy, well balanced dog. She may never be able to play in a dog park but I am OK with that as they often are not the best environment even for well behaved dogs. I am also sure we will beat any challenge at any event because I am always aware of our surroundings
This is just one of many stories of how a training regimen has helped troubled dogs, and fits right in with Cesar's "steps to fulfillment: exercise, discipline, THEN love."
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